Check Out This Startling Windows 9 Explorer Concept

Utterly startling. A modern design with classic touches. This Windows 9 Explorer concept brings forth an entirely new look for the popular feature of the operating system.

Yet at the same time, it also includes powerful options that are available in third-party file managers.

Microsoft is sure to introduce a few new changes in File Explorer on Windows 9. However, what we’ve seen so far is nothing too exciting — probably because these are still early days when it comes to development of the operating system.

However, one designer took matters into his own hands, and created his own modern interpretation.

DeviantArt user fediaFedia has given File Explorer (classically known as Windows Explorer) a modern new look with a flat design and square shapes.

Now, this is a look that could totally work:


One of the more interesting of ideas is the blending of a dark, contrasting look. The ribbon is dark, an understated shade of black. And while it looks great, it is hard to see Microsoft going this route as opposed to the tried and tested interface that is being used since Windows 98.

He has also included what he calls instant quick view options and mouse gestures to help with navigation and make management easier and faster. Sublime.

While it is unlikely that File Explorer will get a major makeover in Windows 9, this is one of the better designed concept to come our way.

How do you like it? Make good use of the comments box below!

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  • I’m happy with the current Explorer with the free Clover add-on, which adds tabs, among other things.

    • Fahad Ali

      Yes, tabs should have come default since Windows Vista. Clover is a good add-on, though, been using it for years.

  • MamaP

    I think I may be overwhelmed with all of
    these upcoming changes. But excited to gain more options, style an

    • Fahad Ali

      Wins the cake in the style department, this. Options are a tad overwhelming, I agree, at least for general users.

  • Valerie

    Not sure I know how feel about this. It looks nice though.

    • broadbam

      It’s a clean design, and supposedly alot of it is going to be customizable. Hopefully it won’t take me until next year to figure it all out.

  • FarmRaised

    I really like the new sleek modern design.

  • dcgilde

    Instead of altering the appearance of items in the Windows Explorer why doesn’t Microsoft improve the filing system. Who needs this “Library” junk and the “Favorites” junk. Do something about temp. files and all the trash that builds up in the system.

    • Lisa Best

      You got that right! Looks aren’t important if it doesn’t function correctly.

  • Yahman

    fediaFedia you did an awesome job. Hopefully it functions as good as it all looks. Screenshots are nothing it’s the usability that really matters.

  • Seaver

    Love the modern box design. I have high hopes for Windows 9.