Cortana, Internet Explorer 12 Unavailable In Windows 9 Preview

Only five days till Microsoft talks about Windows 9 in detail. And soon after that the Windows 9 Preview is also on track to go live. Expectedly, rumors are swirling hot now.

There is interest in finding out which features will be part of Windows 9 Preview, and what features will not make the cut in this early test version. Well, we have some new intelligence on this, from people close to the development process.

As this is just a technical preview, we can expect a few missing features, a bunch of bugs, even some performance issues. All part and parcel of test previews. But on top of that, there is word that Microsoft plans to lock some features on purpose, due to them not being ready.

So far, features like multiple desktops and a notification center inspired by Windows Phone 8.1 are on track for inclusion in Windows 9 Preview.

On the flipside, Cortana and Internet Explorer 12 are very likely to be unavailable.

It is not surprising to see both these features missing from the preview build, as both are in the early stages of development. Microsoft obviously is working on something big for IE 12, and the full Cortana integration in the desktop operating system is obviously going to take a while.

However, as recently leaked screenshots have shown, the Start Menu will be there — in a sign that signifies the fact that Microsoft is indeed listening to users.

We’ll just have to wait a while to get our hands on Cortana and Internet Explorer 12, then.

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  • Yannick

    Why would they not provide IE12 in a Windows Technical Preview. IE and Trident are the most important parts of Windows these days. Heck, Trident is responsible for the HTML5-based apps in WinRT. This doesn’t make sense. I doubt that IE12 missing from the WTP is true, Microsoft has been working on IE12 for 13 months now… It can’t be that they don’t have anything ready.

    • Fahad Ali

      Understandable concerns, and this is what surprised me too. The various builds we’ve seen leaked in screens do show IE 11, so unless Microsoft is planning something really, really big, the new version ought to be there.

      • Harvest Løve

        I believe these things (such as IE 12) will become available for testing in stages, and not necessarily right away.

    • Boyd

      I’m with you, there’s no reason they shouldn’t incorporate IE.

  • ArtSmear

    Aw man Cortana is the one that I was looking forward to the most.