Cortana may be a FANTASTIC addition to Windows 9

There’s a great article in Neowin about the role that Cortana will play in Windows 9.

Some excerpts from the article:

In Windows 9, Cortana will play a key role in being a useful assistant in helping you be more productive.

How so? Well, Cortana will bring with her all of the features that she has on Windows Phone and since she will have access to more of your content – provided you allow her to do this – she will be able to better understand more of your preferences, habits and daily tasks to intelligently predict what you need next.

Cortana will query Bing and display the branding when consumers use the feature in Windows 9.

Another scenario that Cortana is working towards but may not be available at launch is to perform deep searching within your local content.

Think about if you forgot the name of a document you were working on, you could ask Cortana, “Hey Cortana, can you open that Excel document I was working on two weeks ago?”

You can already see the groundwork for this type of action in Bing’s recently announced improvements to natural language based searching.

Like I said, the article is really interesting and it got me thinking, how would this really work?

You would be able to use your laptop, tablet or desktop microphone and then query Cortana?

I can see how that could be a game changer for a generation of PC users who have been looking for the next wave of innovation. It would be interesting to see how that would work from a practical perspective though.

Would people ask Cortana direct questions or ask Cortana to Google those questions?

Either way, it seems like a really smart play for Microsoft to get Bing some marketshare in a very subtle manner too.

Anyway, what do you think? What would you like to see Cortana do for you in Windows 9?

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  • Mike S

    I cant wait until I dont need to type anymore. Cortana is the way!!

  • OliviaG

    Cortana seems pretty awesome, this may be a game changer for sure. Very interested to see what we will be able to do with her.

  • Gianna Rampart

    If she could take care of most of my work I’d be VERY happy. She will definitely make my work day easier.

  • Little John

    If Cortana can help my spelling, being 70+ and grayed blonde does not help me, this tool alone would worth price of upgrade. When searching for information about office question on movies, sports, and other trivia would be easy since I would not have to spell out question. I would love to have other woman in my cube.

  • jasnils

    Theory! I like the idea of a deep search functionality, but I don’t see
    what voice has to do with it. Who brings out spreadsheets they worked on
    two weeks ago if not to make changes and work some more. That means
    you’re in front of a keyboard anyways. Do you imagine that people will
    ask for a spreadsheet while doing something else keeping hands occupied?

    My problem with Windows and Bing or Google, Mac and Spotlight and
    Google is the poor results they display no matter if it is internet or
    local stuff.

    Finding a lost excel file in a myriad of versions
    and storage locations, should not depend on Cortana. It should have been
    made 10-15 years ago! BeOS had it in 1995!

    • Actually Google Desktop Search was what I used for that and it was FANTASTIC.

      Even though they discontinued the tool, on a PC it’s still the quickest way I know to find files.

      • jasnils

        Yes, I used that tool too and it worked well. Still, I don’t understand why it is so difficult to sit down, plan and program an integrated search tool that gives you neatly organized search results with sub search options. Should be a no-brainer!

  • VersaTeach

    If Cortana could find files that I don’t remember what I named them then she will be a life-savor for me. I often spend 20-30 minutes looking for something.

    • Joe West

      Your not alone on that one my friend. I am the absolute worst

  • Yossi Cohen

    i want her to be able to query google now for questions too ^^