Cortana Now Provides Word Definitions

Learning on the job, as they say. Microsoft’s newest platform, Cortana, is on track to receive another important update. A dictionary feature will allow her to serve as a language assistant.

As noted here, Microsoft is now working on integrating this newest feature to Windows 9.

The US based version of Cortana now fetches and provides meanings of words that you input. All you have to do is simply say “define” and follow it up with the words you want to know the meaning of. Cortana will instantly deliver relevant results from an internal database at Microsoft.

In addition to simple definitions, Cortana also brings up synonyms if there are any.

Redmond has partnered up with a number of providers including the Oxford University Press, famous for its English language dictionaries. Some results also come directly via Microsoft, powered by the Bing search engine.

Although this feature is still unconfirmed, a couple of things are unclear at the moment. First up, whether Microsoft is bundling some new options for it, and whether Cortana will get similar capabilities for other languages and in other regions.

Nevertheless, as things stand this is a very useful feature.

And the big reason for this is the speed — since it fetches information directly from an internal database, it is much faster than searching via search engines like Bing or Google.

More on this as it develops.

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  • Greg

    What a great feature. I would honestly use this often.

  • wow

    this better be on win9’s desktop version with Pinned/Interactive tiles on the DESKTOP screen.

  • Miranda

    I really could have used this today when studying.

  • PeterPan

    It’s the simple things that make us happy. This would be a great little tool for sure.