Download the Windows 9 Server Technical Preview

Welcome to the Windows 9 Server Technical Preview page.

This page will have the download links for the Windows 9 Server Technical Preview when it comes out.

We expect the Windows 9 Server Technical Preview to be pretty large and come in somewhere between 3.5 to 6GB of information.

The Threshold or Windows 9 Server is often ignored in the run up to Windows 9 but it also a very critical element in the transition to the new version of the Operating System.

We have to assume that this server version of the Operating System will be 64 Bit only as it should only be running on servers.


We’re not sure how many versions of Windows 9 Server will be available but we can use Windows 2012 as standard for assumption.

Windows Server 2012 has four editions so we can assume Windows 9 Server will have the same versions:

  • Windows 9 Server Foundation
  • Windows 9 Server Essential
  • Windows 9 Server Standard
  • Windows 9 Server Datacenter

Obviously we can’t verify this now but when we do we will have all the download links to those versions here.

For more information about installing the Windows 9 Technical Preview, click here.


For more information about Windows 9, click here.

For information about downloading Windows 9 torrents and why you SHOULD NOT, click here.


  • Christopher Moor

    They should just add the Start menu back to 2012 as an update.I beleive this version of server will primarily be about subscription controlled licensing.