Download the Windows 9 Technical Preview 64 Bit

Welcome to the Windows 9 Technical Preview 64 Bit page.

This page will have the download links for the 64 bit version of the Windows 9 Technical Preview when it comes out.

We expect the Windows 9 Technical Preview to be pretty large and come in somewhere between 3.5 to 6GB of information.

For more information about installing the Windows 9 Technical Preview, click here.


For more information about Windows 9, click here.

For information about downloading Windows 9 torrents and why you SHOULD NOT, click here.


  • Beppe03


  • Cesare Esposito

    Shortcut created! Waiting…

  • emily18

    Link download?

  • 卜睿

    Where is the link?!

  • JB

    I do not see any download link. Obviously this site is another load of crap, just like the rest…

    • Robert

      Please read! ·when it comes out”

      • Kilrah

        Doesn’t excuse putting 2 levels of active “download links” to get to this page when there’s nothing yet. There is no developer preview yet, so the “developer preview” links on the main download page are logically inactive yet, great. But the technical preview ones should not be either if there is nothing to download yet. This is just a lure to fool people into some hope and make them load 2 pages for nothing else than boosting site traffic. So yes, it’s a load of crap.

        • Speedy Consalez

          Well if you bothered to READ article you would have figured out that links are for future reference and those 2 clicks would’nt get you that windows image. I see no harm doing stuff little ahead.

  • linux

    some people cannot read… “when it comes out” this page will have the links…

  • Aasmir Basnet






  • Khoa Văn

    somekind of fake

  • George Tzafos

    What kind of logic is this, with two levels of active download links, that take you to another no software to download page.
    Put up the links when Windows 9 are really available for download.
    And what happens if Microsoft decides to refine further Windows 9 and release them in Christmas?
    If you want to do the job the right way, at least grey out the links and activate them when they really have available for download Windows 9 OS underneath them.
    This “future reference” is no excuse for posting active but fake download links!
    Now that I’m thinking better, you forgot to post the links for Windows 10, for future reference too!

  • Dr Gekil


  • nightcrawler

    look everyone the download hasnt been released yet even to other websites ive been keeping a close eye on, so there is no need to say that it is a load of crap. you cannot blame the websites for the lateness of the links

  • Linux

    Well we will see later today if this is hype or not, or not even a new Windows Release and something else at the MS Event today… all will be revealed…

  • Noone

    ´MOTHERFUCKER !!! …. 2 levels of “download links” = more ad-Money …. motherfuckers !!!!

  • Paul

    Rahhhhh its supposed to come out today

    • Paul

      yeah so annoying xD i guess i will check tomorrow…

  • whiting

    Nothing happing today

  • Wayne Wastier

    It is not Windows 9, but instead they are calling it Windows 10 and the Tech Preview is reported to be released tomorrow.

  • Darren Lard

    Its Windows 10 anyway, not Windows 9! LOL

    • Animedude5555

      Windows 9 is the internal development name. Just like Windows Whistler is what they called XP internally, while XP was still in development. Whistler was its code name. If there is any kind of “beta” or “technical preview” to come out before the main retail release, these releases will be under it’s development code name “Windows 9”. Only when it’s released to stores to be sold will it be referred to under its final release name Windows 10. So calling it Windows 9 on this website is ABSOLUTELY CORRECT.

      • Darren Lard

        You really don’t know what you are talking about! The code name (internal development name) was called Threshold…Trust me when I say I know what I’m talking about. I’ve been doing this type of thing since even before Windows Winball/Sparta!! NEVER was the OS EVER called Windows 9 even during ANY talks in Microsoft! Please state your proof before bashing me!!!

      • Darren Lard

        So, calling it Windows 9 IS ABSOLUTELY WRONG! Now, you can call it Windows Threshold, Or Windows 10, or even WEN! But, NEVER Windows 9!

      • Darren Lard

        How come you keep trolling every single forum? I’ve seen you post since 2009 on various websites using this and your other pseudonym and you have either been banned or straight called BS on your posts! Dude…get a life and learn something productive! Stay away from Buffaloes in NYC too!

  • TM

    As there appears to be no ability to download the Windows 9 preview from the Microsoft Website, there appears to be no other alternative than to download from torrent sites. Yet the wider IT community still seems surprised by the number of torrent sites that proliferate.

  • lol

    FAKE oh no thats ist terible