Download the Windows 9 Technical Preview


Welcome to the download page for the Windows 9 Technical Preview.

What is the Windows 9 Technical Preview?

The Windows 9 Technical Preview is the first glimpse of Microsoft’s newest Operating System Windows 9.

Some have speculated that the software will be called “The Windows 9 Technical Preview for Enterprise” to reflect the business focus of this new Operating System.

We’ll find out in a couple of days.

We are expecting several versions of the software to be released by Microsoft for testing. While some have speculated that Microsoft would move away from 32 bit processing and only have 64 bit versions of the Operating System, that is very unlikely.


On the page we will have information about how you can:

Also, once you have downloaded the software, the next step is to install it.

Click here for help with installing the Windows 9 technical preview.

Stay tuned…


  • Marwan Hj Beluar

    windows will not come out with number name, since it could be something like ‘Windows Titan’ or ‘Windows Premiere’ as well.. lol

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  • hello 🙂 thank u for sharing this is very much important post…… & Thank you again 🙂

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  • Darrin Tyler

    is it legit? I am really wanting to install it over 8.1 right now

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    This page is STUPID and full of sheet

    • Is not true, the link are avabile on 30/09/14

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    hay mutherfucker here is the fuckung link

  • hardeep

    hay motherfucker where is the link

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    crap shit page!

  • Darrin Tyler

    today is the 30th….where is the download????

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    now it.s 30-09-2014 and nothink

  • Juan

    The link will be available on 09/30/14

  • Juan

    19:00 Spanish time

  • Piyush Tanwar

    It 30/09/2014 and 19:00 spanish Time has pass away So where is the link ????

  • ananamas

    maybe after their “keynote” or smth, do you have any idea how long it’ll be? (it started at 19:00 actually, that’s what was at that time)

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    windows 10 …

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    Change your name to Windows10update hahahahahahaa

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    i can’t doawload win 9

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