Here Is The First Hint Of Cortana In Windows 9

The first batch of screenshots that leaked yesterday provided us a look at a number of features, but Cortana in Windows 9 was not one of them. For better or for worse.

And this isn’t all that surprising, because this feature is still in early development.

But if you zoom in one of the images, you can see an option nicely tucked away on one side that provides hints at Cortana integration in the upcoming operating system. You’ll have to look real close, though, as it is but a small sign that the digital assistant is coming to Windows 9.

As you can see in the screenshot above, the Start Menu has a small option that reads “Remind me”, which is very much the first implementation of Cortana in a desktop operating system.

Microsoft is yet to officially confirm this, but several engineers and executives have hinted that Cortana on Windows 9 is merely a formality now.

This new option, however, allows users to set up reminders on their PCs and tablets.

From what we’ve heard until now, Cortana integration in Windows 9 is still in the earliest of stages. The grapevine even doubts whether this new feature actually supports voice commands right now, but Redmond will surely refine the digital assistant by the time the new OS nears public release.

For the time being, we can enjoy the image above, and the immense promise it holds.

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  • WillyThePooh

    “Remind Me” is only one function of Cortana. Does it really mean Cortana is coming soon? Or just to set up a reminder in the calendar? Or an alarm clock setting?

  • Johnny Charles Grinter

    It would be ridiculous not to have cortana on your pc.

  • Fredrick

    Seriously I’m excited about Cortana and wonder what the possibilities are going to be.