Here Are The First Leaked Windows 9 Screenshots

Microsoft’s new operating system is set to be released for download later this month, but the first batch of leaked Windows 9 screenshots is here. And it is a delight to behold.

The images are available for viewing in the gallery below.

And as you can see, this preview build of Windows 9 indeed comes with many of the features and options that have been reported in the past few months — including a Start Menu, a notification center and, of course, multiple desktops.

Take a look at these leaked Windows 9 screenshots here:

A German site published these images earlier today, claiming them to be from the Windows 9 Technical Preview build 9834. And although we have no confirmation whether these are legit or not, they do show many of the expected features.

Plus a few not so expected ones, too.

For example, it was reported that Start Menu would not be part of the Windows 9 Preview, but as these images show, not only is it available in build 9834, the design itself is quite similar to what Microsoft showcased at BUILD 2014 earlier this year.

Now, these images are obviously from an earlier test build, nowhere near final, and the software titan will definitely add more polish and refine the upcoming operating system further.

But take a look at the images above, and share your feelings in the comments below.

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  • SM

    what about the 17th & 18th screenshot?

    • Fahad Ali

      These two display the “multiple desktop” feature of Windows 9.

      • SM

        & what that exactly is?

        • boob

          when you can have multi desktop opens almost like having multiple monitors but on one single monitor, think of when you plug an external monitor in and you choose “Extend the display” it then shows another desktop on the other monitor, and when you open a window or application on that other desktop/monitor it stays on that side rather then opening on the main desktop,

  • OnTheWrite

    So the “Start” screen is gone from the Desktop version? Hmmm, looks more like Windows 7.5 than 9. I suppose I’ll just have to wait to see.

    • Fahad Ali

      Agreed. Too far off from final code, this, a lot of time to add or subtract features.

  • mrBunnock

    Onuora Merci for all the News. I like WINDOWS 9 and I will wait. Yes Sir.

  • aseries

    I will go to Windows 9 when it gets here. The main element making Windows 8.1 useful for me is the growing array of Google Chrome Web Store Apps. Windows 8 App Store products I have tried are mostly clumsy and/or unusable on my ASUS T-100 convertible.

  • Charlie

    Icons are still inconsistent to Metro UI.

    • I hate socialists

      No one wants Metro UI. If people wanted Metro UI, then WIndows Phone would be a success. It’s not; it’s an abject failure. Stop pushing Metro.

      • Charlie

        Did I mention I am pro Metro UI? tell that to Microsoft, not to me. What I mean is, since Windows is using Metro UI Style, everything should be consistent and inline, from widgets/controls up to icons.

        And if you hate Metro UI, you better create your own custom VS because Windows do not have the style you want.

        FYI, I am a Minimalistic UI fan.

  • clifton stillman

    this looks good cant wait for windows 9

  • Paul

    I love these screenshots and am really looking forward to seeing the final version. I think the new look is good and hopefully they have listed to us as the consumer and implemented most of what we asked for.