Why A Free Windows 9 Upgrade From XP Might Not Be On

With the Windows 9 beta right around the corner, people are wondering whether a free Windows 9 upgrade from XP or Windows 7 is on the cards.

We’ve heard it all before, though.

When you have reports and leaked documents claiming that Microsoft is considering making its next operating system a free upgrade for owners of previous versions of Windows, and even former employees believing the notion, then something is certainly cooking.

Microsoft may have done a good job of keeping all such details away from us, but still a move like this across the board sounds too radical to be true.

Redmond might continue offering Windows 9 for a price to Windows XP users, if alone for the fact that this new OS comes with a lot of improvements that are attractive enough for the user base to upgrade.

Plus, with the returning Start Menu, it is also a whole lot familiar.

The Windows division might not bring home the most dough for Microsoft (this distinction now belongs to the Office unit), but the company still wants to make the upcoming OS generate profit.

Going a completely free route could well be against internal policies.

Even without a free Windows 9 upgrade from XP, the company could offer the new operating system at reduced prices in the first few months of availability.

Besides, moving from Windows XP to Windows 9 definitely requires at least some investment in new hardware. And for a lot of Windows XP, Vista and 7 users, acquiring a Windows 9 license via new hardware purchase might still be the better option.

Not many would have thought of this in yesteryears, but how Microsoft prices its next OS could well be one of the more defining factors of how well it performs.

Realities of modern computing.

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  • FarmRaised

    It will for sure be interesting to see what is the truth and what are just wishful thinking.

    • Fahad Ali

      True. Time will be the judge.

  • compume

    That’s a big upgrade so offering it for free might create a separate problem.

    • Fahad Ali

      Exactly. Probably some hardware issues too, if Windows 9 is deployed on really old computers. Patching and updates are going to be a nightmare.

  • Little John

    Remember the post the other day, Windows 9 will not have 32 bit OS so most XP machines are 32 bit and XP 64 was very buggy and poor drivers support. At the end of XP there were 64 machines but they used 32 bit OS. The real 64 bit OS was W7 and the driver problem was gone. If you have 32 bit machine then you will need to purchase a new machine with W9.

  • ArtSmear

    It’s crazy to me that they would offer anything for free. They charge a crazy amount for everything.

    • Dominic

      Yeah I’m with you on this one.