The hate for Windows 8 has died down, and for good reason

Before we get any further, I must say that we can safely rest the assumption that Windows 8 is the new Vista. That forsaken platform remains the most controversial operating system that ever left the gates at Redmond. And rightly so.

For reasons justified or otherwise, Windows 8 was greeted with the same jilts upon release.

The issue was not only the removal of trademark (and key) Windows features like the Start Menu and the new Modern UI, but the fact that Microsoft kept on praising this on every single occasion. Even the Start Button was not spared in Windows 8 vanilla, and its removal lauded by the software titan.

Obviously, most of these features made their return to the platform with subsequent updates, and some are on track to do so in the coming months.

But the good news is that the storm that raged upon launch of Windows 8, some one-and-a-half year back has calmed off; the criticism has decreased. Why, one might wonder? It’s obvious, of course.

While the modern Windows platform, itself is a sign of advancement, Microsoft’s policy of admitting its mistakes and promising remedies is what has played into all this.

So much so that the company seems to be aware that Metro is primarily aimed at tablets and touch enabled devices. The recently released Windows 8.1 Update with its keyboard and mouse friendly features is proof enough.

Ultimately, this is something that the general public is also aware of now.

It is a glorious blend of users needing time to change, and Microsoft changing in time.

And quite often, that is all that is needed.

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  • Wayne S

    Great points. Microsoft is finally listening to customers and admitting mistakes. It’s about time and will only help their image.

  • Kelsy Martin

    Wayne is right! People don’t like companies or other people who can’t admit a mistake. Microsoft does this and listens to what the consumers actually want. That’ll go a long way! 🙂

  • JF

    Microsoft seems to have had the idea that everybody would dump there old computers and run and buy new ones with 8, or, with newer machines, run out and buy a new Windows 8 upgrade – IN THIS ECONOMY??? Shows you just how out of touch these big corporations are. Many who have thought about buying new are holding off to see if Microsoft is willing to improve the os to where they are willing to meet Microsoft half way with enough improvement. As a teacher for one of the largest computer clubs in Florida USA, I have heard this over and over.