Installing the Windows 9 Technical Preview


On this page we will be discussing the Windows 9 Technical Preview installation process.

First of all, we have to recommend that if and when you do install the Windows 9 Technical Preview, you get it from a credible download page.

There will be temptation to go for the shortcut and download Windows 9 Technical Preview torrents.


Here’s why.

OK on to the installation process.

Installing Windows 9

The Windows 9 Technical Preview will probably be released as a .iso file between 3 and 6 gigabytes large.

The safest way to install the Windows 9 Technical Preview for testing is to install it as a (virtual machine) VM. Installing the software as a VM will give it limited access to your system and allow you upgrade to the next Windows 9 Preview safely and efficiently.

What is a VM (Virtual Machine)?

Techtarget have a great definition for it.

A virtual machine (VM) is a software implementation of a computing environment in which an operating system (OS ) or program can be installed and run.

The virtual machine typically emulates a physical computing environment, but requests for CPU , memory, hard disk , network and other hardware resources are managed by a virtualization layer which translates these requests to the underlying physical hardware.

Basically a VM allows you to install several Operating Systems on your Mac or PC but have them run virtually. That way you can create them, delete them, upgrade them easily without affecting your main PC.

The industry leader are Vmware (for Windows, for Mac) and Parallels.

On this page we will discuss the following:

  • Installing the Windows 9 Technical Preview ISO from a VM
  • Installing the Windows 9 Technical Preview ISO from an executable



  • Cesare Esposito

    May I ask some question?
    Which minimum Vmware version will be necessary, PLAYER or WORKSTATION ?
    What about VirtualBox?

    • tomcofik

      version 5 is minimum

      • Cesare Esposito


    • KZWR.COM


  • Where’s the download ISO ?

  • Darrin Tyler

    actually I plan on installing it over my 8.1….but I wanted to wait to see comments/reviews of the iso to make sure its legit first…..

    • You should backup your data and also install on a new partition or hard you won’t be able to roll back to Windows 8.1 once the trial period expires.

    • Jim Polwort

      You DO NOT want to DO THIS! This is BETA (aka buggy), software that is just that; a PREVIEW. If you have a 2nd PC (desktop, laptop), or have a big hard-drive, I suggest creating a Windows-9 partition, and put it there. You should be able to “dual-boot” going that route. But the safest, is having it as a VM, as the article suggests.

      • SmackDown

        I agree you should wait to it is released. the likeliness of you have many issues is extremely high. It won’t be much longer until 9 is released.

  • YouGonTakeThisL

    Trying to collect revenue by using misleading titles, Then posting advertisements.
    Haha, Nice try but ad-blocker is on. Like smarts55 said, Thanks for nothing.

  • Jim Polwort

    Isn’t there a decent “free” VM software somewhere out there that will do this? I’m too lazy to search…

    • Cesare Esposito

      I will use VirtualBox.
      It’s free and it works well in my opinion.

  • Darrin Tyler

    no download? You people should be reported for SPAM

  • José


  • Darren Lard

    It’s Windows 10 anyway…

    • bako

      windows 9 – This Month

      windows 10 – xx/01(02)/2015

      • Darren Lard

        Bako, WERE YOU THERE at the WINDOWS 10 REVEALING? I had a friend that was and tweeting me everything they were saying! They are not even calling ANYTHING Windows 9! Get your facts straight before bashing my comment.

      • Mohsin ali

        but how to download windows 9??

  • Karthi Keyan

    I saw the windows technical preview edition ( windows 10 ). Its really beautiful. I want full edition of windows 10. when is release windows 10. any one know please tell me?

  • mmuadh

    all fake

  • Arthur

    PS now called Windows 10 Technical Preview in which you can download the iso from the microsoft website. 🙂

  • Travis Butler

    MetaScan has a 20gig limit when you send them in to them . I was going to run it through the 46 virus scan of it’s life .