Leaked Windows 9 Start Menu Gallery Is Pure Joy

The Windows 9 Start Menu, along with Cortana, the digital voice assistant, is set to be one of the biggest features of the upcoming operating system.

It is no wonder, then, that leaked screenshots have focused on this very feature primarily.

A new batch of images recently made their way to the web, and these show the Start Menu in all its magnificent glory. They are 21 in total, and appear to be taken from build 9834 that Microsoft has distributed among partners for testing purposes.

The screenshots show that the Windows 9 Start Menu mixes a classic design with modern elements like Live Tiles. However, the familiar options are still there, including the ability to conduct a search straight from the Start Menu, along with power options.

You know, the ones that allow you to shut down and restart your PC.

There is also talk that the Start Menu in Windows 9 includes a manual resizing option that provides desktop users with more elaborate customization capabilities.

Only a couple of weeks now remain till launch of the beta preview, and you will soon be able to take this feature for a test drive yourself.

Until then, click on the image below to go to the full page image galleries.


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  • VersaTeach

    It looks good. I like the fact that they mix the new with the old.

    • This better be right for Microsoft otherwise they are going to crumble.

  • Rumin8

    For those who haven’t learned to pin stuff to the taskbar, perhaps because they have come from Windows XP, or never learned how to do it in Windows 7.