Leaked Windows 9 Video Shows New Animations

It’s refreshing to see Microsoft finally giving some due attention to the design side of its next OS. This newly leaked Windows 9 video provides a glimpse at some novel new animations.

Novel new animations for the windows, that is to say.

These are visible whenever you launch a new app or maximize a window. Subtle changes, but additions like this should improve the overall experience, while giving some more eye candy to the user interface of the upcoming operating system.

Take a look at these new animations in this video below:

These new visual changes are already implemented in the current builds that are with partners for testing purposes, and although Microsoft has not made any wholesale changes to the desktop (yet), in order to keep the familiar look and feel, these effects do make Windows 9 feel a bit more modern.

Now, only if we get some new icons — new icons across the board.

Wouldn’t that be something?

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  • Harold F.

    I really like the new design. I think Microsoft is going to pull out all of the stops with this version. It will be interesting to see what they have implemented.

    • Blaire

      The design is awesome! This is going to be the best version they have put out. Just wondering how many issues we’re going to be faced with in the beginning months.