Microsoft introduce Continuum in Windows 10

Microsoft have introduced a new feature in Windows 10 called Continuum.

This feature will allow Windows 10 to change modes on the fly depending on the hardware selected.

Therefore Windows 10 can detect when a 2 in 1 device loses a keyboard and becomes a tablet and will adapt accordingly.

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  • Janel

    Still in shock that they are calling this OS 10.

    That’s a pretty cool feature less steps for me is always great.

  • Robert Grimm

    This is really worrying. I’m one of those rare users who actually liked Windows 8 from day one. It is the first version of Windows that I’ve liked since 3.11. It seems like they’re diminishing the usefulness of the things I like most about it. They should be embracing the Modern and diminishing the need for the desktop, not making the two flow together better. I really hope this doesn’t drive me back to Linux. I need Windows for some things and dual booting sucks.