Microsoft need to keep the name simple – Windows 9

Recently, there has been speculation that Microsoft might change the name of the next generation of Windows.

So instead of calling it Windows 9, they might call it “Windows One”, “Windows 365”, “Windows Threshold” or even just “Windows”.

I strongly recommend Microsoft stick with Windows 9.

You see, over the years, consumers and businesses have grown accustomed to differentiating the different versions of Windows by their names.

Windows XP is old and long in the tooth, Windows 7 is beloved, Windows 8 not so much, on and on it goes.

The last time Microsoft tried to deviate from the standard and introduce a new non-familar name, it didn’t really go so well.

Remember Windows RT? Can you tell me what RT means?

Also, maybe it’s just a coincidence but Vista, ME and RT all didn’t do well. Hmmm

Ultimately the challenge here is to get some distance away from the current Windows 8.x Operating System and not confuse the masses.

The objective is to start fresh and help businesses focus on the benefits of the new version of Windows.

The best way to do that is to make the name simple.

Windows 9. The next version of Windows. No controversy. Intuitive.

What do you guys think?

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  • Duckeenie

    Oh come on…you can’t just throw contradictory evidence like Windows XP to one side. that’s cheating.

    • Didn’t fit my narrative and I was on a roll.


  • Tamper

    Hello, welcome to tech support. What version of Windows are you running…..

    Um, I am running just windows…

    Sir I need a version number to help you.

    All I have is window.

    OK sir let me look at my resources for a second…… Sir it seems that Windows no longer carries a number at the end, so what build number are you running?

    Build number? What the hell is that? Where do I find that?

    I am sorry sir but since you cannot provide an answer to my question, I am afraid I cannot help you. Have a nice day….

    The above is a chat log example of what would happen if windows loses its number at the end and is called just windows.

    • FANTASTIC comment!!

      This is EXACTLY what would happen with a generic username. It would be a cluster f&*&*.

      In the US, the average consumer would ask the Best Buy sales person what version of Windows it was, look with a blank stare and then leave to do something else.

      Windows RT was fun to watch, this would be even more fun.

      • Tamper

        I wanted to write a better script but, typing on iOS 8 is horrible on my iPod. Happy to see my point came across. In short, a clear windows version is needed for driver and tech support purposes. Else, M$ will get fried.

    • Little John

      In couple years only version of Windows will be Windows, since they are going to give away the OS. But you will need to know what version you are running, like Basic, Pro, and Enterprise. Is this windows 32 bit, 64 bit or 128 bit? Maybe MS will name the OS Windows but use different names for three levels, like Simple, Complex, and Work. Then you go to Best Buy to purchase your copy of Windows, since there is one OS for Windows PC makes it easy for salesman. If you want more advance system then you would pay MS for more for the use of Complex version. The Work version is not for sale in retail markets.

      • The challenge with only one version of Windows across all platforms becomes, how do you price it?

        Do you buy the same Windows and then it auto-detects your hardware and then charges you a price?

  • Kiran Kishore

    I disagree! If that was the case, Windows XP should have been one of the least popular! As long as they do not name it as an offshoot of Windows 8, just a name should not affect the upcoming OS much! All the operating systems you have mentioned (ME and Vista. I have not used RT so I do not know) had other serious issues than “just the name”! That XP became successful despite a “non-standard” naming strategy and that Vista and ME were a failure show that naming is insignificant to the success of an operating system in the longer spectrum of events; or so I would like to believe!

    • I know XP was the exception.

      We were just having fun tongue in cheek!!


    • Yossi Cohen

      RT was like an IOS version of windows…
      nothing but apps only!
      that’s why it failed not because some magic misnaming.
      i knew it would be a failure since i heard about win 8 pro and rt tablets..
      i was like… who on earth in his right mind would buy an RT version?