Microsoft Research Head Hints At Some New Windows 9 Details

Microsoft might be ready to unleash the second update for Windows 8.1 this August, but all eyes are on the next major version of the operating system, which probably will go by the name, Windows 9.

Most estimates predict that this new OS will debut in spring 2015.

And while confirmed details on everything Windows 9 will bring are scarce right now, one area that the upcoming operating system looks set to enhance its focus on is cloud — people familiar with the development have said this on several occasions.

Some even believe that a completely cloud powered variant of Windows is also imminent.

Nevertheless, we might have some early pointers in this regard from Peter Lee, the head of Microsoft Research, who without mentioning Windows 9 specifically, hinted that cloud improvements could well be part of the next release of the operating system.

In a new interview, he said that Bing will, obviously, serve as the very core of this cloud experience:

“One of the mission-focused activities [those dictated by other divisions within the company] is centered around something called the Enterprise Graph. It sounds really boring but for us it’s really interesting.

Bing tries to understand entities. When someone does a Bing search for ‘Canon 4D’ and they click the Canon Rebel link, we learn about those relationships. With enterprise there’s similar issues but with much less data. The computer science ends up being different.”

Windows 8.1 took the first steps with this Bing integration, and it appears that Windows 9 is going to go the extra mile in this regard.

Redmond is, as usual, completely secretive on Windows 9, but chances are that the convergence of the desktop and Modern UI, the Cortana digital voice assistant, and enhanced focus on cloud integration are three of the most important highlights of the next version of the world’s most popular OS.

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  • terry10

    Could be great or could be a disaster. Microsoft is certainly putting a lot of money on Bing taking off. I hope they’re right.

  • Lars

    Windows 9 seems as though it’s going to be the culmination of everything and be an overwhelming success. I hope it lives up to the hype.

    • Jake

      That’s the feeling I get as well Lars. Everything seems to be adding up to 9 having the best Bing, Explorer, Office, and even Cortana possible. If the desktop improves, it could be one for the ages.