Microsoft seem to be serious about continuously updating Windows

Microsoft seem to be serious about continuously updating Windows.

A new job listing seems to indicate that Windows will be updated a whole lot faster than we previously thought.

Kudos to Twitter user @h0x0d (WalkingCat) who noticed a very interesting job posting on the Microsoft boards.

Some of the interesting parts of the listing are as follows.

Here are the germane parts (emphasis mine).

The world of software evolves at a faster and faster pace. Online services are shipping every week, why not client software? What would it take to modify the windows start menu on every Windows user machine in less than a week? To issue a video driver fix and to offer all the people who have run into issues it in less than 2 days?


The Mission Control team is seeking a strong developer to help advance the state of client software delivery. We are creating a new system that will fundamentally change the way Windows is shipping to put the ecosystem at the center of Windows. We want every engineer to get an immediate view of how he/she is affecting the Windows ecosystem by providing qualitative and quantitative information that will allow them to take the necessary decisions in real time.


It seems like Microsoft is trying to fundamentally change a lot about the way Windows is rolled out, fixed and upgraded.

The real question going forward will be, how much of this change will be coming to Windows 9?

Stay tuned…

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  • Posey

    I wonder if all these changes at once are going to cause problems.