Microsoft To Thwart Windows 9 Piracy With New Measures

Windows 9 piracy? This early? If Microsoft have their way, such a thing may not even exist, post launch. The company is reportedly developing new antipiracy measures.

According to some new information from Russian Windows leaker WZor, Windows 9 could come with some new piracy prevention measures in place that the company hopes would put a stop to pirated copies of the new OS from spreading all across the web.

This, it is being said, is part of the new activation system that Microsoft is working on.

Details on both of these are scarce, not to mention unofficial.

But while there is a chance that the technology titan might touch upon the new activation system at the September 30 event, we may only get more details about the antipiracy measures in place closer to, or even after the release of the new operating system.

Security concerns and all.

However, unlike the last time around, when Windows 8 was in development, Microsoft is taking piracy much more seriously. The leaker that leaked out the code for the activation system is behind bars, and it is a perfect time for the company to develop a new system in place.

We’ll find out either way.

Mission accomplished if illegal Windows 9 copies are not floating around software sharing portals, come release day. If not, well, such is life.

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  • I’m all for shutting down Windows piracy.

    Sure would be nice to get a leaked build of Windows 9 though. I don’t think I’ve ever seen a version of Windows since 3.1 that hasn’t had at least one leaked build before preview/release.

  • Little John

    If I remember right, hackers broke the code on Windows 8 with in day or two. One reason for high piracy rate is the cost of to upgrade your current version. If the price was lower like free or $20 US dollars then reason to steal a copy of Windows 9 would be lost cause. Now if Apple would allow their OS be used on any PC then MS would have to build a better mousetrap.

    • Gianna Rampart

      You absolutely right. Not only is it so expensive but often you don’t know if it’s going to be worth the high cost. The past has proven that they don’t consistently produce flawless products.

  • AceofSpades

    Leaker talking about privacy! Oh, the irony!

  • Sandman

    Hackers always find a way to get it and pass it around. Where there’s a will there’s a way!