Microsoft Testing Direct Upgrade From Windows 7 To Windows 9

One is the world’s most popular OS, and the other holds immense potential. A direct upgrade from Windows 7 to Windows 9 makes sense on so many levels.

Luckily, Microsoft is currently testing exactly this.

There is now talk that the company is working on a new upgrade system that would allow Windows 7 users to directly switch to Windows 9 upon release — bypassing the need to install or download anything else before they move to the new platform.

As things stand, Redmond wants to create a fully automated system, with support for both the standalone Windows 7 and Windows 7 Service Pack 1.

The idea is to quickly allow these users to upgrade to the beta version of Windows 9, which is set to be called Windows Technical Preview once it hits the web later this month.

If things pan out, users of the world’s most popular operating platform, might get an option to deploy this technical preview directly, using only their Internet connection. Beyond that, they would receive regular updates just like everyone else.

An added corollary to this is that a move like this opens up a way for Windows 9 ending up as a free upgrade for Windows 7 users — a notion that we’ve heard a lot of these past few months.

As of right now, take all of this as unconfirmed reports, though.

Until the September 30 Microsoft event, at least.

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  • Gianna Rampart

    If they are able to pull off this direct upgrade to Windows 9 from 7 that would be awesome and for FREE is even better.

    • Fahad Ali

      Yeah, I can’t imagine it being much harder than the move from 7 to 8. I’m all for fresh installs, but they are not for everyone.

      • Sammy

        No they are definitely not Fahad.

    • 3widyan

      the more I can’t imagine is microsoft will make free upgrade from windows 7 ._.

    • Suzanne L

      I heard the same thing. They are planning on making this direct upgrade free for 7 and 8.1 users.

  • jjstccean

    9 feels fine all the time!

    • Fahad Ali

      Splendid rhyme!