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Apart from Microsoft, we have the most comprehensive collection of eBooks on Microsoft related technology available on the web today.

Our tremendously popular ebooks are written in a simple and user friendly manner and are directed at either consumers or businesses (deepening on the title). The average length of each book is about 50 pages and we try to write about contemporary topics that our readers may have trouble understanding.

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Here are the Microsoft ebooks we currently have available:


Inside Windows Phone – Microsoft’s mobile O.S. ($9.95)

Inside Windows Phone - Microsoft eBookWindows Phone is the Microsoft’s flagship mobile operating system. Development of this contemporary phone OS started in 2010 and has seen evolution from an industry joke into the legitimate third major phone Operating System behind Android and IOS.

As we barrel toward Windows Phone 9, I thought it would be helpful to peel back the curtain a little bit and learn more about Microsoft’s entry into the smartphone OS market.

This ebook discusses:

The evolution of Windows Phone, Apps, Features, Vendors, Enterprise improvements, Windows Mobile, Windows Phone 7, Windows Phone 8 and the road to Windows Phone 9.

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Microsoft Surface Pro 3 – Making the business case ($9.95)

Microsoft Surface Pro 3 TabletAs more and more businesses turn to BYOD – Bring Your Own Device – strategies, the Microsoft Surface Pro 3 has radically changed the game.

Now companies have more flexibility and are able to provide their employees with a device that has the capabilities of a premium laptop but the form factor of a tablet device.

This eBook takes you deep into the capabilities of the Surface as a business device.

This ebook discusses:

System specifications, security, networking, storage, encryption and the business case for purchasing the Microsoft Surface Pro 3.

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Inside Office 365 – The Consumer Edition($9.95)

Inside Office 365 - eBookToday, Office 365 is now a successful product suite for Microsoft but based on a lot of your emails, there’s still some confusion about what exactly it is.

A lot of people don’t understand what the difference between the newest versions of Office and traditional versions of the same software.

This book will help you understand the difference.

This ebook discusses:

What exactly is Office 365?, System requirements, How to install and configure Office 365., How Office 365 is different from Microsoft Office?, An overview of features, A quick look at plans, Consumer plans in detail, Office 365 free trial, How does Office 365 boost your productivity?, Is an Internet connection a requirement?, Mobile apps for Office 365, Office Online.

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The Windows 8/8.1 eBook Bundle ($24.95)

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This is the Windows eBook bundle.

You’ll get…

  • Windows 8 – 50 Questions and answers you need to make a decision.
  • The Windows 8 Business Checklist: 25 things companies need to know before they upgrade.
  • Windows 8 Security – The comprehensive overview.
  • Inside Windows 8.1: Microsoft’s newest Operating System update.

This limited time bundle offer (a $40 value) is only $24.95.


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Inside Windows 8.1 – Microsoft’s newest desktop O.S. ($9.95)

Inside Windows 8.1 eBookHey Windows users! Microsoft has come out with another big change on us and just like I did in my three other Windows related eBooks, I’m here to help you keep track of all the changes in a simple, easy-to-read guide.

Although it’s easy to think that the new Operating System (OS) is just a slightly different version of the Windows 8 most of you have become familiar with, that’s actually not the case. There are a TON of changes with 8.1, but they’re very subtle and without putting them under a magnifying class it’s really hard to get the most out of this new update.

Because the changes aren’t in your face, and are kind of behind the scenes, what this guide does is walk you through those changes so you can take full advantage of this update.

This ebook discusses:

Getting the most out of your operating system, taking advantage of all the newest features, creating a customized PC that syncs perfectly with all your other devices, learning awesome hacks, extending your battery life and protecting yourself from hackers
… and more.

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Windows 8 Security – A Comprehensive Overview ($9.95)

Windows 8 Security - eBookEven now, after the first few waves of media hype, interest in this operating system continues.

As an IT professional, you are quite possibly being asked to review Windows 8 and determine if it is a good fit for your organization. Or, you are being asked to implement Windows 8 or develop a transition plan that moves your organization’s systems from their current operating system to Windows 8 over time.

Other than the interface, which is of course the focus of the user experience, Windows 8 comes with increased security features designed to make your life as an IT professional easier. These features are supposed to enhance security and give you enhanced tools for support and protection.

This ebook discusses:

The history of Windows 8, features, networking, malware and spyware, network security, data security and other security enhancements in Windows 8.

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The Windows 8 Business Checklist ($9.95)

Windows 8 is a pretty big deal.

The new touchscreen capability and user interface are unlike any previous Windows release. In fact, Microsoft is hoping to integrate the touchscreen into the office and bring mobile technology to enterprise.

Are You Ready? Is Your Business? Is Your Team?

Determine if Windows 8 is right for your business. I’m confident you will find answers to your questions. Whatever you decide, this guide will help you understand the impact of your decision on your business.

This ebook discusses:

The business case for Windows 8, installation, features, business networking, security, cloud security, business benefits, collaboration features, storage and business ROI.

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Windows 8 – The Top 50 Questions and Answers you need to make a decision ($9.95)

Windows 8Windows 8 was a revolutionary new Operating System that promised to change the way Microsoft Operating Systems interacted with consumers forever.

The new Operating System introduced the Modern UI (or Metro), Windows Phone 8 and laid the foundation for Microsoft’s foray into creating hardware with the Surface line of tablets.

This ebook discusses:

The origins of Windows 8, installation, new features, The Modern UI (Metro), the Windows App Store, networking, security, consumer benefits, collaboration features and OneDrive cloud storage.

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