Microsoft’s Windows 9 Strategy Pleases Analyst

Still the earliest of days for Windows 9, it is not even officially unveiled yet, but the direction Microsoft is taking for its new operating system is pleasing a lot of people.

Analysts, at least, are impressed — highly impressed.

Daniel Ives of FBR for example thinks that the software titan is rightly trying to unify the experience that customers will get when using products powered by its flagship platform, no matter on a smartphone, tablet or of course the good old PC.

At the same time Windows 9 brings welcome enhancements for consumers, businesses and enterprises, meaning all types of users will benefit from new features and options in the new operating system.

This is what the analyst said on the upcoming OS:

“The next version of Windows will target a more unified approach (e-commerce, developer platforms), a positive as Microsoft attempts to drive a more consistent platform experience and attract an increased number of developers/apps for its mobile offerings and devices, in our view.”

Microsoft is set to reveal first official information on Windows 9 in San Francisco tomorrow, as part of an event, in front of a select group of journalists. Since the event will not be streamed online, the rest of the world gets access to these details soon after this press gathering.

The preview build of the new operating system will also go live in just a few days.

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  • Andy

    I’ve been saying for a few months now that this is going to be their best work and set new standards in the industry.

  • 123

    I am very pleased, I love Windows 8 but the charms bar gets in the way of everything when I am working (whenever I try and move the mouse on the right. The panes on start are FAR better then menu items like windows 7.

    It is nice to see Windows 9 giving us the best of both Worlds, Mac can go home.