New Video – Windows 9 Notification Center

New Video - Windows 9 Notification Center

In this new video, we can see the early glimpses of Microsoft's forthcoming notification center

In this new video published by WinFuture, we can see what looks like a new notification center.

It can be seen aggregating alerts from notifications sent by Windows Store apps and balloon tips sent in the traditional notification area on the taskbar.

When you click on the notification center icon in the taskbar, you get a summary of all the alerts that you have received.

This summary will include the application’s name and a synopsis of the type and content of the notification. So if you got (for example) a note from a Skype buddy, the buddy’s name and the contents of the note would be displayed.

Additionally, alerts in the notification center can be removed one at a time by clicking an “X” icon when hovering over them with a mouse.

The notification center also displays the time the alert was sent and all alerts are segregated by app, with the video showing all Skype alerts displaying first, followed by all File Explorer alerts.

What do you guys think of the Windows 9 notification center?

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  • Looks good. I think that will be very handy.

  • WillyThePooh

    Unable to watch your video.

  • Siena

    How much control are we going to have over the notification center?

  • Anna

    I love the notification center. It really improves my work production.