New Video – Windows 9 Virtual Desktops

Windows 9 Virtual Desktops

This video shows a little bit about how Windows 9 will provide a virtual desktop function.

A new video from (above) shows off the new virtual desktop feature that’s strongly rumored to be included in Windows 9.

As you can see it looks pretty basic and isn’t really smooth at this point.

This is rumored to be video based of build 9834, which is a very early pre-release build of the Windows Technical Preview coming later this month.

Virtual desktops will help users literally have collections of desktops, a feature which has been in Apple’s OS X for a while.

It will literally let the user have a collection of different workrooms with discrete activity going on and allow for theming, grouping and separation of activity.

At this point, it’s really not clear how many desktops the user will be able to have open at one time but I expect we will see more as the builds get more mature.

Are you excited about Virtual Desktops?

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  • Nick

    Finally they realized that nobody needs these huuuge windows borders.

  • rodrigo

    it UI looks good. I like the minimalist blend of metro and the Win8 styling.
    virtual desktops workspaces weren’t new on OSX, they’ve actually been on LinuxUnix for decades. However, it wasn’t until multi-core processing that they have been a realistic tool. most people will never use the feature, but for power users, it can be a handy alternative to multiple screens or virtual machines to achieve a similar thing. in normal desktop usage, multiple desktops are likely to just confound many users, and unless you work in a multi-mode environment, (eg. software programming or testing remote support 2d or 3d design ) you won’t utilise it — but certainly for some people it will be very useful.