New Windows 9 Screenshot Leak Shows More Of The Same

Seemingly, more and more users are getting the Windows technical preview ahead of release. This new Windows 9 screenshot leak shows the same modern Start Menu.

However, it is said to be from a newer build of the operating system.

This latest leaked screenshot follows the leaked action from exactly a week ago, to the day. This time however, the image comes from, another famous source of such leaked details. See if you can spot any major visual differences below:


Thought so.

The image shows the very same Start Menu that we have come to know (and love?), and the only thing missing from the Start Menu is the feedback tile that was part of build 9834, and could be used by people to get in touch with Microsoft directly.

The build number here is actually 9821 — make of it what you will.

Microsoft is said to have already submitted test builds to a lot of users, and no wonders the leaks are starting to surface. Windows 9 Technical Preview is on track to be unveiled September 30.

All eyes on that event.

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  • Francios

    Pretty excited about the upcoming improvements they are making. I really hope that it’s as good as we are all anticipating. Sept 30th can’t come fast enough.

  • Gianna Rampart

    I’m pretty sure they leak the screenshots on purpose but that’s just me. I am pretty stoked for the new features.

    • Siena

      Heck yeah it’s all part of their marketing ploy. It’s a good one if you ask me. You can look online and you’ll find somebody talking about something that they are planning to offer in Windows 9.

  • Suzanne L

    I’m pretty sure there wasn’t much of a change from one to the other, just with the appearance.