New Windows 9 Screenshots may show Microsoft headed in the same old direction

I was busy putting together another article about Windows 9 and the direction that Satya Nadella might take the new Operating System and then this happend.

The drip drip of new Windows 9 screenshots seem to have begun.

On some forums on the web recently, a couple of new alleged Windows 9 screenshots have been revealed.

The first shows a new Windows 9 Start Button and the second shows a Windows 9 settings screen.

The new Windows 9 Start Button?

The first screenshot allegedly shows a new Windows 9 Start Button.


The New Windows 9 Start Button

On one hand, it’s cool that Microsoft are bringing this back and seem to have learned from the mistakes of Windows 8.x. It seems to me however that this is a sure sign that Microsoft will not be doing anything new and major with Windows 9.

That is distressing but I’ll get to that later.

The next new screenshot is a Windows 9 Settings screenshot.

Windows 9 Settings screenshot.


This looks a lot like a Windows 8.x screen.

I don’t know about you all but assuming these screenshots are real, the real story coming here may be that Microsoft is deciding to use Windows 9.x as the “do no harm” Operating System.

That means that there may be more patching and fixing but less true innovation.

More about that in my next article but real quick, what do you all think about the screenshots?

Use the comments below.

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  • me,myself

    This is what Windows 8 should have been to start with…had MS gone this route, letting their desktop/corporate users know they still care about them/us would have made future innovations easier to swallow.

  • Bryan

    These screenshots clearly show they are from an evaluation copy of Window 8.1 Pro (build 9788) – what’s up with that?

    • BigJohnL

      Yeah, what’s that????

  • lesssr

    We shouldn’t have to pay for this. We should have gad this in Wnidows 8 or 8.1.

    • Eddie84

      That’s what I think. If it’s just going to be Windows 8 with a start menu and a few minor fixes, they why not just make it an update and call it Windows 8.X as onuora said?

  • I wouldn’t say the “do no harm” OS, rather the “bring back what customers wanted” OS for example I noticed the glass transparency in that screen shot. Makes me wonder what else they may bring back.

  • Michael Rochon

    The screenshots for windows 9, let’s hope it all works out come the date it comes to the public for sale.

  • dcgilde

    Well it looks like a s-m-a-l-l positive change. Boy, I hope it did not hurt Microsoft to make this small of a concession.
    They are getting like General Motors — here it is take it or leave it. Of course, this is why many of us do NOT drive GM vehicles anymore. and this is why GM needed a stimulus they never should have received! So there. Microsoft take note!

  • Karen Peters

    I LOVE WINDOW 8.1 and I look forward to the new Windows 9. Microsoft has come a long way and I think they are doing a fantastic job! I’ve been using Window 8.1 for almost 3 months and it’s the best operating system yet. You guys are critical of Microsoft that it makes me sick.

  • Karen Peters

    Also, I love the colors Microsoft is using. Beautiful!

  • Ted Marks

    there is more of those dumb little blocks with pictures, same OS different day..

    • Anders Sjöberg

      You mean icons? 😉

      • Ted Marks

        Yep them there Iconies, windows 8.5

      • JF

        The new terminology is TILES not icons.

  • aseries

    I have my doubts this stuff is coming from Microsoft.

  • Charles Vance Gurley

    there is no way this is windows 9… it has to be an idea for a windows 8 update they won’t be doing and using it as a temp. It looks exactly like windows 8, icons and all, even the setting screen! If this is really windows 9 then i have no idea what ms has been doing for months and months with 9…i love windows 8 but good god! A dead give away is the icons… they look EXACTLY the same. Surely they change icons.
    All this talk about windows 7… start menus… all these features. no way

  • clifton stillman

    I am quite happy with windows 8.1. But I can see how some people might not like it. If they are headed in this direction it might be good for those that don’t have touch interfaces. More customizations are a good thing

  • harryo1st

    The most important thing about windows eight and is never mentioned is its stability have never reset my windows eight from disk ,when I had xp I did set from disk several times a year so come on if a old fogey can get to grip with it give it a try you wont look back

  • Slobodan Milošević

    I LOVE WINDOW 8.1. I’ve been using Window 8.1 for almost 5 months and it’s the best operating system yet. 3D will be great in Windows 9.

  • Brad Harris

    I really don’t think these are from Win 9, I remember seeing screen shots like these saying they were Win 8.1.
    I love Win 8.1, its there best OS yet and I cant wait to see what they do with Win 9….

  • Alvin

    From my experience these are Windows 8.1 update screen shots .
    What I keep noticing is they are leaving out the device and printer section that was in Windows 7 . In Windows 8.1 and 8 they are in the settings section , but you can only delete them and the add device feature never works . Microsoft seems to ignore what the public and enterprise ask them to make this software more user friendly and now they are adding more security features with the rumors of activation and having to absolutely have a Microsoft account .

  • robert

    the windows start button in windows 9 does look like my beloved windows vista on the left, I only hope Microsoft does not go this route on windows 9. I switched to windows 8.1 from vista. I really like windows 8.1 the tiles ect.. everything. My big question is” why is everyone complaining about the start button in windows 8 or 8.1 don’t we have better things too worry or think about.

    • Charles Vance Gurley

      ohhh they do,but i guess it’s easier for people to bitch about a start screen/ tiles/colors then the bigger picture

  • Anestro

    A proper non-fullscreen start menu with live tiles, a button, and applications running in windows with taskbar entries. Thank you, Microsoft. Thank you.

    And it only took them three fucking years. Now add the old themes back and give people an option to turn the titlebar text white, and we’re back to Windows 7.

  • rodrigo

    I don’t see an issue with the images shown — they demonstrate that Microsoft has taken on board the issues customers had with Windows 8 and are starting to address them — I wouldn’t expect this to look like the finished product yet. The Start Metro menus and access to Settings (ie. not via charms) were the main drawbacks, of course. Beyond that, Security, Networking are real issues for Enterprise customers. The recoveryrestore console needs to be accessible via commandline, not only after successfully loading the Metro UI. A rapidly emerging problem is display scaling: Windows and its own icons and text will scale and look fine
    on your shiny 4K monitor. Most applications, however, on the other hand look blurry and indistinct, and cause misplaced dialog boxes and clipped textbuttons in some instances — Microsoft needs to work hard and fast to force vendors (and all of their own applications) to respond to this problem — for many particularly in Graphics3DDesign fields, this issue will be a clear decider between OS X Yosemite and Windows 9.