New Windows 9 Video – Build 9834

New Windows 9 Video shows new Start Menu

In this new video, we get a chance to see the new Windows 9 Start Menu in operation.

The leaks have started and they probably won’t stop now.

Earlier today, we all saw the screenshots of a very rough version of Windows 9.

This new video shows the new Start menu.

As you can see in the video, when you add new tiles to the Start menu, it will expand to accommodate all the new icons.



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  • floppygoat

    I have been saying since the start of W8 start menu controversy that Microsoft should just provide an option of which to use to satisfy all. I am glad to see that as an option. I think they should also have an option for W7 start menu with no metro tiles in conjunction with a “combination” menu as shown, and the regular W8 start menu. Microsoft still needs to find a better way to incorporate the PC and Metro app styles more consistently.

  • Richard

    this is a PERFECT compromise … I am excited about the change but I really don’t mind the win8 UI

  • John Lee

    The controversy over Windows 8 has really always been about the lack of options. If Windows 8 was like this from the get go, it would’ve gotten 80% less backlash. Now, can we get Metro out of Server systems? Really…

  • sbates1712

    well we already said before the launch of windows 8 when we was testing the beta it would be a flop and Microsoft need to listen well it looks as though the 2nd time around they have listened not enough yet but they’ve made a massive leap forward windows as never been a apps operating system and ive said it before it should always be a add on not a fixture in windows give us back the true windows with the options to add on afterwards all these other things not have to try and remove afterwards to get what we want.

  • shinsenai

    I would bet that it’s possible to unpin all Metro tiles from the Start menu and make it really look like a Win7 menu if one wants. However, I was relieved to see that there is an option to have the Start Screen instead of the menu. I might be in the minority, but I like the Star Screen much more than the Star Menu and I’m so used to it on both tablet and desktop that not having it would really be a step backwards for me.

  • BeckyMouse

    I know this may get a lot of hate, but I love it. I think it’s EXACTLY the perfect solution for them to go with!

  • Rumin8

    Interesting that start menu versus start screen is an either-or. I guess that makes Pin To Start simpler in that it will pin to whichever you have chosen. Also I notice that the start menu widens when you pin more apps to it, so potentially it could have a lot of apps in it, especially if you use the small icon size.

    What concerns me though is that I like the all-apps view and I get the feeling that it is lost if you have chosen to use the start menu.
    Ideally I would like BOTH the start screen AND the start menu. I don’t want the either-or. Then I will be able to use the start menu for a popular selection of apps, and the start screen for when the app I want is not pinned to the start menu. And also I will still have access to the all-apps view by the down-arrow on the start screen. I hate the fiddly business of going through nested menus in the start menu’s program list.

    Of course it is worth bearing in mind that typing the first few characters of an app or program name in either the start menu or start screen or all-apps view will enable you to find what you want very quickly. I am glad that there is that consistency between them.

    If I switch from the start screen to the start menu, do all the apps that I had pinned to the start screen now appear pinned to the start menu? How will they fit? Or does it remember a separate set of apps for each? Perhaps someone who has tried it out can answer this?

  • clifton stillman

    this is starting to look like a pretty good compromise for the traditionalists & those who happen to like the windows 8 architecture. Myself, I really do like the start screen & wouldn’t like to see it go away.