New/Old Screenshots of early Windows 9 Start Menu

So here are a few more leaks and screenshots from Windows 9/Threshold again.

This time, they come from website MYCE.

The first shows a picture that is hardly new and allegedly is from the Windows 9 Start Button/Star Menu.


This is an image that we have seen before but it’s interesting as we can start to see the level of detail in the icons.

From their site:

The build pictured in the screenshots, build 9795, was compiled on July 13th and is part of the uip_dev feature build lab (FBL). UIP stands for User Interface & Platform so it is basically just the team responsible for UX changes like the start menu and windowed apps plus some under the hood kernel changes.

The other image they show is a Windows Store image.


What do you think of the new direction Microsoft seem to be going in?

It’s early days yet but these are interesting images.

Use the comments below…

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  • AceofSpades

    That seems like a good direction to head in to me. If it takes up the whole screen, I won’t be happy. But if it’s around the size it is in the picture, I think it’ll be fine.

  • WillyThePooh

    It would make more sense to display the “All Apps” screen in start menu than the “Start Screen”. The original “All Programs” menu probably is then not needed.

    • JohnnyB

      I agree Willy. I think this is definitely the way they should go. I have little faith that they’ll give us exactly what we want, but I am cautiously optimistic in terms of the start menu.

  • Randy A

    I’m just one who wants the start menu back, so this does the job for me. I’m not terribly picky with how it looks so long as it’s added back.