Ooops – Microsoft accidentally publishes Windows 9 Technical Preview download page

This is interesting.

Seems like someone at Microsoft jumped the gun and released a webpage that has the download information for the Windows 9 Technical Preview.

The link has since been removed but it is pretty interesting because it shows that Redmond is getting ready for the big download.

It’s also interesting because the name on the download is just Windows. No Windows 9 or Windows x or Windows 365, just Windows.

It’s also interesting because it’s under a section titled “Windows TH”.

Some have speculated that this is a placeholder for now but who knows…

Stay tuned for more…

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  • NeedCoffee

    Sorry I missed it. I wonder how many people got that sneak peek.

  • Expandable

    Dang I’m sorry I missed it too. I’m thinking that wasn’t a mistake more of a test run for some feedback.

  • NeedCoffee

    The link to download says Window TH. So what does that mean?

    • syl

      ThreshHold probably