Poll – Do we need Cortana in Windows 9?

So in one of our more recent articles, we talked a little bit about Cortana and how Windows 9 might actually have the virtual assistant installed.

For those who don’t know, Cortana is the codename for the newly announced intelligent personal assistant and knowledge navigator for Windows Phone 8.1.

Most experts expect the technology to be added to Windows 8.x and the Xbox One at some point in the future.

Anyway, as I reflected on the whole Cortana thing, it struck me that I wasn’t really sure what the actual use cases were for an intelligent personal assistant. In addition, I wanted to avoid anecdotal examples and wanted to take this one straight to you, the people.

OK this one is going to work in two parts:

  • First, please take the ONE QUESTION poll below and let us know, do you think a virtual assistant in Windows would add value or is it just a gimmick to you. I’m really very curious.
  • Second, please leave a comment below and tell us exactly what the¬†thinking was behind your response. Do you think it’s just bullshit or are you really excited about the potential.

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  • kokobill

    Great stuff, guess Windows 9 could be best OS ever, just couple of minutes ago while writing here my WP 8.1 restarted for no reason at all…

  • Michael MacShane

    This would many advantages depending on how integrated this is. If this gets to the point you want it to do everything for you such as moving files surfing the net and other such windows tasks then this would have a great purpose for people who are disabled or people like myself who are lazy. All I can say is wait and see

    • LOL

      Functionality for the disabled and the lazy…

  • Steve

    There is value in function. If different solutions are available to searching or activating activities in the Windows environment – I can make of these options to better utilize the available apps. No functions – no choices. It’s another choice.

  • oblongspider93

    If/when Google integrates Google Now into their Chromebooks, then Cortana would be a viable option for Windows 9.

  • OnTheWrite

    While Siri & Cortana are nifty & interesting conversation subjects, I would prefer a built in Voice dictation system in windows 9, rather than Cortana and something much better than the current Windows Speech Recognition.

  • Rod Falanga

    Undoubtedly there is a gimmick part to adding Cortana to Windows 9 (or some future update to Windows 8.x). But I see value to it. I believe that computers are, generally speaking getting to the point where people expect to interact with them in a conversational manner. Cortana enables that in Windows. I have a Windows Phone, but don’t have version 8.1, which has Cortana. Cortana being present in Windows Phone 8.1 is the thing I look forward to most. I think integration into Windows 9, Windows Phone, Xbox will just make the whole ecosystem that much more enjoyable and approachable.

  • Little John

    With hands getting hard to move in a correct matter and eyes needs all help to read small print, a Cortana software would be nice welcome, plus I am very poor speller. I need all the help and support of my OS.

  • Hackmear

    Cortana isn’t a need but it will certainly be a great addition. I’ve used Siri a couple times on a friends phone and liked it. Cortana seems like it’s going to surpass Siri.

  • Arnold

    Gotta wait and see, I don’t think it is as useful as on a phone, but it may come in handy, lets say you are blogging away, typing up a storm and Cortana says “Hey you just got an email from Microsoft about another press event, would you like me to add that to your calendar?” And you say; “Sure sexy, save that to my calendar”, all while you are still typing away… Could be cool.

  • Mark Wright

    There’s always some bad with the good, but overall I look forward to cortana. Anticipate figuring out what we’ll be able to do with it.

  • Dominic

    I think that having Cortana integrated into all of Windows 9 builds would prove very useful to not only the average end-user, but to the gamers, business executives and power users and you cant forget the developers too.

    For example, say that a gamer is really into a game that he/ she just cant quit at the moment, but remembered that they had to go to work that day or whatever the case maybe. Well with Cortana constantly and quietly running in the background the gamer could say via his or her wired or wireless/ Bluetooth headset w/ microphone something along the lines of “Cortana” and when she responds, hoping that she doesn’t open up in a window that would interfere with what that person was doing, say ” Set an alarm for 4 pm to remind me to get ready for work.”

    Another example would be for the always busy, has no time for anybody, time is money executive, if they had something that they needed done such as setup a reminder for a meeting or get the traffic times, or even call the family and let them know they are on the way. Having Cortana integrated into Windows 9 and hopefully all future builds of the Windows OS would help make everyone’s life a little easier online.

    A Recommendation I have for Cortana would be maybe she could partner up with or maybe Microsoft could make their own digital wallet so that when asked she could buy something that you ask her too say off eBay using your linked PayPal account.

    In conclusion; the possibilities are endless.

  • Sterling

    Windows 9 could very well be the OS that changes what everyone thinks about Microsoft. So Yes i think that we need Cortana for sure.