Reader suggestion – Doesn’t the new Start Menu look like…?

Too funny.

So a few days ago, we ran a story talking about Microsoft and the fact that there might be a new Start Button and Start Menu in Windows 9.

That story ran with an image that was supposedly a rough image of the new menu (below).

We got an email from a reader (Francis K) who reminded us that the “alleged” new Windows Start Menu


may look a little like Reviversoft’s own Start Menu Reviver.


You can see Reviversoft’s Start Menu option at their website here.

Their description for their product reads:

Start Menu Reviver is the only Start menu that truly combines the familiar navigation structure of previous Start menus with the unique tile design of Micorsoft’s new modern Windows direction.

Look to the future, with the best from the past.

What do you think? Do you see major similarities between both versions?

Use the comments below…

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  • Castro

    I don’t know when this Reviversoft application was announced, but this is not the first time we get to see Microsoft’s plans for the start menu. They showed a sneak peek back in their Build conference.

  • Bill Franklin

    A couple thoughts. 1. I see some similarities, but nothing major. 2. I think even if they were similar, Microsoft didn’t copy off of Reviversoft.

  • StevenR

    The two look very similar to me. I t looks as though Microsoft took that example and just enhanced it a bit. I think it’s just different enough to keep Microsoft out of legal trouble, but it definitely seems like they were influenced in some way.

  • aseries

    I don’t quite get the intense interest in Windows start interfaces. After working with 4 different mainframe OS’s, DOS and 3 different Windows versions at work I guess I don’t much care what I see on a screen once I have learned how to find my way around. Unix/Linux command line was the only environment that caused me to struggle. If you don’t use that every day you need a cheat sheet.

    • Jen

      I understand what you’re saying. After awhile, it becomes second nature. Having said that, I do think some are more user friendly than others and this layout is definitely user friendly and easy to navigate. I think that’s where the interest comes from.