Root Location In Windows 9 Changed To Just “Home”

Brace for another important change. Remember the “My Computer” option in the classic versions of Windows? Windows 9, though, one again updates and renames this feature.

The root location of File Explorer in Microsoft’s upcoming OS is apparently renamed to “Home”.

Word is that the software titan is planning to go one step further, and might rename File Explorer entirely. However, nothing is finalized right now, meaning it could change between now and final release of Windows 9.

Some of the leaked screenshots that have made their way to the web do show that “Home” is now the root location, and the upcoming preview build, they say, also comes with this change.

The images below showcase this, along with the new icon:



The “This PC” location is still part of Explorer, though just as a tiered option down below.

As noted above, Microsoft has a bit of a habit of making these sorts of changes in newer versions of the operating system. The root location got revised by different names with each new flavor of Windows.

Windows XP came with the “My Computer” option, which was renamed just to “Computer” with the arrival of Windows 7. And although Windows 8 kept this designation, Windows 8.1 once again changed this to “This PC”.

However, keeping in mind that Windows 9 is an operating system that will power a lot of different devices, including tablets and smartphones, using “This PC” does not make much sense now.

On the other hand, “Home” sounds like a perfect change.

What do you think?

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  • Arnold

    IDK yet, gotta feel this out first hand first.

  • Jeff Nmi Ruiz

    I like “Home”, however an option during the initial setup on what to call it, even if the choice is from a pre-selected list of options would be much preferred. I’d love to be able to tweak the registry and rename it “Root” or “R00t” 😀

  • Joyce A

    I think it suits the younger users perfectly! I’m not sure that it’s such a big deal.

  • Deana

    Not sure it’s that big of a deal.

  • Jonah Brown

    Both OSX and Linux systems use Home, so this makes sense.