Seamless Windows 9 Installation Also Confirmed

Another semiofficial confirmation about the Windows 9 update system that will seamlessly allow users to upgrade their PCs and devices, without anything as even a click.

Or, well, a click or a tap here and there, but nothing much more complex than that.

The president of Microsoft Indonesia, Andreas Diantoro, along with settling that Microsoft’s next operating system will be free for all users of modern Windows, has also very much confirmed the new update system that the company is introducing.

During a Thursday event at Hotel Mulia in Jakarta, the executive also said that Microsoft is preparing a new system, built-in, that will allow Windows 8 users to automatically update to Windows 9.

That is, foregoing the need of a clean install.

However, it is being said that apps and settings might not make it this way, and will be lost, but we have remember that we are yet to hear the full details from Microsoft on this.

Still, the news of Windows 9 being installed automatically will please a lot of users.

You one of them? Comment away.

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  • That would be a great option to have, though I’ll probably do a clean install anyway. Always feels good to start fresh, and if you’re prepared, it’s really not a whole lot of work.

  • NeedCoffee

    Awesome! The ability to just click and update sounds amazing. I’m not a computer tech and clean installs always scare me a little bit.

  • SisterMay

    That’s is great news! Makes life much easier to update all three of my computers.