Storage Sense is a great addition to Windows 9

We are continuing to find out more details about some of the solutions that will be present in Windows 9.

Storage Sense which we talked about here seems like it will be a valuable addition for Windows devices with limited storage.

Simply put, Storage Sense allows you to save content to a removable drive by default.

This seems like it will be especially valuable when you have devices like laptops and tablets where primary storage space is very limited.

Stay tuned for more on this…


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  • Sally

    Microsoft is really working hard to keep up and exceed the competition. Can’t wait until the 30th to see if they can deliver.

  • Dominic

    This is a great concept with all of the different pieces of technology. In my house we have tablets, ipods, phones etc. I lost all my pictures twice because my phone broke and I never got a chance to back it up onto my computer.

    • fordteam

      It’s not for your ipods or apple products.

  • Todd Huffman

    Is this going to be a wifi enable device?