Thurrott weighs in on the final name for Windows 9

You have to watch Paul Thurrott carefully and read between the lines.

Sometimes, just sometimes, he’ll leave a nugget in between his words and because he (rarely) speaks carelessly, his words do carry a lot of weight.

So there I was with my microscope looking for nuggets about the next version of Windows and I saw something he said in an article yesterday.

It was in an article speaking about the Windows TH monicker that was on the leaked download site.

Here’s the quote:

What do I mean by that? In the past, Microsoft would use an awkward lengthened codename convention for a future Windows version when mentioning it in documentation.

So where a sentence might normally read “Windows 9 will deliver stunning performance,” Microsoft would during the pre-release phase write “Windows codenamed Threshold will deliver stunning performance.”

By using “TH” instead of the ponderous “codenamed Threshold,” they can provide a something that is smaller and closer to the eventual final name. Which is Windows 9.

Ladies and Gentlemen, I believe Paul.

My final guess is that Windows 9 will be the name Microsoft go with.

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  • Arnold

    I heard from a good source they were calling it Windows Onuora now.

    • A worthy name if I say so myself.

    • Nonexistant

      I also heard Windows Onuora.

  • Valerie

    “Threshold” huh. That download page leak also had “TH” in the name. So.. WOW..

    • widget

      That’s just what they are calling it behind the scenes.

  • Pockets

    Maybe a new name is going to be the perfect for this version.

  • Harvest Løve

    Why not name it “Windows Love”? 😉

    • That might be touchy feely for a corporate product?