Wifi sense will be coming to Windows 9

Wi-fi sense

Another feature that seems to be coming to Windows 9 is WiFi Sense.

WiFi Sense is a feature that is present on Windows Phone and allows you to automatically connect to a WiFi hotspot around you.

WiFi Sense can automatically detect and accept the terms of use on your behalf for networks that require it, and even provide any additional information – getting you connected as quickly as possible.

You can even exchange WiFi network access with your Facebook friends, Outlook.com and Skype contacts, allowing you to give them or receive Internet access without seeing each other’s WiFi network passwords.

In Windows Technical Preview Build 9834, you can find registry entries that show WiFi Sense will be included in the next version of Windows amenities.

You can see the images above and below.

Wi-fi sense

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  • Cool!

  • Jake

    Nice addition. I would love this. It’s always a pain for me at this point to find a wifi and then manually connect it. This would be an incredible addition!

  • WillyThePooh

    It really means you will give out your name and email address wherever you go. I would also think the email address that will leak out automatically is the one you use to logon. Should I worry?

    • Taylor M

      It doesn’t mean that they can get your info just that your sharing the wifi. Plus there is always ways to protect your information.

  • StarComputer

    It will be great to give the kids an connection for their tablets in the car. Hopefully it’s as easy as it sounds to get connected. My phone now has a bunch of steps to get the hotspot to work. So I rarely use it.

  • Suzanne L

    The idea behind it is simple and will make your life easier when you get a new device you won’t have to remember and enter the passwords. But if you don’t do it properly information that you don’t want shared will be shared.