Windows 10 Features: Improved Command Prompt

Windows 10 Features: Improved Command Prompt

An unexpected enhancement, as far as Windows 10 features go, but here we are. Microsoft has improved the command prompt in the newest version of its operating system.

Yes, you heard that right — the good old command prompt.

The software titan talked about how the upcoming OS streamlines productivity for enterprise and business users, and frankly, the command prompt as it currently stands, is stuck in limbo. Microsoft has not made any notable improvements to it in ages.

Not any longer.

The new command prompt included in Windows 10 is aimed at more advanced users, and allows them to perform specific tasks at a much faster pace.

And finally, paste support for commands is also in, meaning you can copy and place commands from outside the classic environment simply by pressing Ctrl + V. Currently, this is not possible. Inexplicably one may add.

The look of this new command prompt stays the same, though, in case you were wondering.

But there is no doubt that these small new enhancements are going to come in handy for system administrators and IT admins. Should also help with the enterprise acceptance of Windows 10, once the new operating system launches.

Thoughts on this?

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