Windows 10 Features: Windowed Metro Apps

Windows 10 Features: Windowed Metro Apps

In the list of new Windows 10 features, this is the one you might have seen from a mile away. There were reports on this even during the development of Windows 8.1.

Windowed Metro apps, of course.

Microsoft talked about how everything runs in a window, as it unveiled Windows 10 at a private event earlier today. Which is to say apps from the Windows Store, the Modern UI creations, now open in the same format as the desktop software.

Windows 10 Features: Windowed Metro Apps

They have title bars, they can be resized, moved round, and you can minimize, maximize or close them with a single click. Or tap, for that matter, if you are into touch.

These can also be launched directly from the desktop.

And for the most part, they now offer the same functionality as the traditional programs on your desktop, so you are not restricted to the Modern UI environment if you don’t want to. That should solve a lot of issues people had with Windows 8 vanilla.

Maybe even all of them.

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  • HotDeal

    The freedom they have given us to move windows, resize and basically customize our screen is PERFECT!!

  • Piggy

    I really like this new layout. I’m pretty excited about it!