Windows 10 Launch Date Set For Middle Of 2015

So early April next year is out the windows? Pardon the pun. Windows 10 launch date has been casually confirmed by Microsoft, and it is the most expected of timeframes.

The very middle of 2015, smack in the summer — in most parts of the globe, that is.

Sure the launch could slip by a few weeks or months, you never know, but the software titan is not sticking to a firm date. The debut of the full version might well slip to the traditional frame of October, slim as it seems.

However, the company did announced today that while the upcoming Technical Preview primarily focuses on enterprise features (read business features), consumer focused features are in line to be detailed early next year.

Most of these new options, like the unified apps store, are still in development.

But we can expect Microsoft to talk about all this in detail next year, at the BUILD 2015 developer conference, which is expected to take place in April.

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