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  • Zach Ernesti

    What happened to the windows 9 name. So I guess they are skipping 9 & going straight for 10 huh

    • WindowsX


  • Yerachmiel Altman

    of course. Windows nine never stood a chance. As ten it has lots of advertising fun (kidding). Just hope they get this fourth try correct (does it finally have the real new database driven file system?)

  • tamper

    Time to buy a new domain

    • Arnold


  • tamper

    “Dear Customers, we know Windows 9 is gonna suck as bad as Vista, so we are skipping Windows 9 and would like to present Windows 10.”

    • Zach Ernesti


      • Trickster

        Would you rather see a Millennium Edition #2 hit the market?

        • Zach Ernesti

          you mean ME #4 vista & windows 8 were also considered millennium editions because they didn’t do well in sales or in the consumer market

          • Trickster

            Yeah, your right there. Been on XP to long. Now have 8.1, rather have Vista.

  • Arnold

    Has to be windows 10 because 7 8 9.

    I didn’t get it at first but then I started laughing. 🙂

    • syl


  • Andreas Kyriacou

    Presumably they want to demonstrate that they’ve overtaken Mac OS 9.

  • Booster

    I did not see that coming. WTHeck.

  • syl

    Microsoft OS X

  • BrookStikes

    What??? This is just craziness.

  • Robson Geraldo Dos Santos

    Microsoft’s son and she puts the name she wants.

  • Harvest Løve

    Microsoft says, “Rate our new OS on a scale of 1 to 10 and what do you get?” 10, of course!

  • tamper

    “OMG Windows 10 was released? I wonder what version I have…… What I have Windows 7, OMG I need a new computer. This computer is so old they are now on 10 and I am 3 versions behind.” —> M$ new marketing angle, target the dumb.

  • What will you do with this domain?

  • Colin Spencer

    No sense making us devotees wait another whole cycle of development for the “perfect 10”. They could think about packaging it with an image of Bo Derek in her prime, running up a beach.

  • Duckeenie

    Guess nobody won yesterday’s guess the name competition then.

  • John Fisher

    Was it here where I read the upgrade will be “free”?

  • Canis Lupus

    It is so good that i could not install it, neither in english neither in Portuguese-br, it starts very well, but at the end it say that it was impossible to install it, several friends here in Portugal have had the same experience, very sad