Windows 10 Preview To Be Available Tomorrow

Contrary to all previous rumors and reports, Microsoft just announced a surprising name for its next OS. It also announced that Windows 10 Preview will be available for users. Tomorrow.

Probably just a shock tactic, this name.

But then again, it’s all in the features, as they say, right? We’ll be able to test drive Windows 10 Preview, also known as the Technical Preview, as part of the new Windows Insider Program. And then we can see what this new flavor of the OS brings in terms of features.

The program kicks off tomorrow, by the way.

And it will bring a downloadable version of Windows 10 Preview, both for desktops and tablets, 32-bit and 64-bit. Servers will get their very own copy at a later time, Microsoft announced.

As might other form factors, you never know.

This preview version will be free for everyone to download and try, but Redmond expects those that do to submit their feedback and help the development team improve the features before the final product makes its debut next year.

That name, though, will take some time to sink in.

What exactly was wrong with Windows 9? Nothing!

Still, no harm, no foul, eh?

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  • Adrian Hoffsten

    I do see why it is called windows 10, because it is since they released the 8.1. But seriously, I will be bothered with this for the next week…

  • Duckeenie

    Satya Nadella says no to nein.