Windows 7 To Windows 9 Upgrade Has To Be Flawless

You and I may think this, but apparently analyst are onto this too. With news of Windows 7 to Windows 9 upgrade being on the cards, industry insiders are weighing in on this important feature.

Microsoft is said to be working on ways to make it easier for users of older versions of the operating system to switch to Windows 9. Not only will this mean that a majority of the Windows 8 user base makes the upgrade, it will ensure that they do it quick.

However, the Windows 7 community is another matter, entirely.

Redmond really has no other option than to provide a seamless way for them to switch to Windows 9, otherwise many will stick to their existing operating system — and this is a decision that will have an effect on the early adoption of the new platform.

In the words of Gartner analyst Michael Silver:

“This was a mess in Windows 8. Upgrading or keeping Windows current should be like keeping a phone current. It should be smartphone simple.”

The guy has a point, and really, not everyone is technology savvy at the same level to attempt operating system upgrades and risking it, if the process is not seamless, or results in errors.

Even with a more affordable cost for Windows 7 users to upgrade to the new operating system, there will always be a substantial amount of users that might find it difficult or intimidating — the simpler it is, the better for all involved, and we might see fewer people pending their decisions this way.

Hopefully, Microsoft is aware of this, and working on easier upgrade options for Windows 9.

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