Windows 7 To Windows 9 Upgrade Will Cost You $30

Sounds pretty special to me! Windows 7 to Windows 9 upgrade has been a big talking point, considering almost half the world is using this particular operating system.

However, with the next version of Windows approaching, this much is a given that a lot of Windows 7 users will want to upgrade to the newest flavor.

And while we’ve covered another report where it is claimed that Windows 9 will be a free upgrade, good old WZor is now back with more information on how Microsoft wants to make the Windows 7 to Windows 9 upgrade very affordable.

Here’s his Tweet:

The rough translation:

to Upgrade to Windows 9 Windows 7 users , Microsoft will make a special price offer ! something in the region of up to $ 30

Nothing officially confirmed, though, but there is talk that Windows 7 users will be able to upgrade to Windows 9 for the small fee of $30 — and the process itself will be completely automated.

Meaning, no need for a clean install and the involved hassle.

Should help to make Windows 9 a little more popular from the word go, and this also means that Redmond wants to keep the system requirements of its new operating system similar to Windows 7, in order to make sure performance is not affected on older hardware.

At the very least, this should allow Microsoft a chance to distance itself from Windows 8.

Now, if only we can get something similar for Windows XP users.

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  • Duckeenie

    Haven’t seen them Windows 7 & 9 side by side like that before. Windows 7 looks like a nice upgrade to Windows 9. 😛

    Upgrade price looks good, I would jump on that.

  • 123

    I’m sold! This is like 3 days pay even in a developing country, please keep this price across the board.