Windows 9 Announcement Set For September 30

A preview version of the upcoming OS was expected to be unveiled next month, and we now have a set date for the Windows 9 announcement. September 30.

The Verge is talking about the public debut of Windows 9, and claims that Microsoft is preparing a press event on this date, which is very likely going to be the first time we hear the software titan talk about this new operating system in detail.

Interestingly, Redmond is not planning to disclose the name of this new operating system at the event.

Even more interestingly, the name is very much certain to be Windows 9, according to sources close to the matter. So unless Microsoft has a surprise or two when it comes to naming the product, this strategy does not make much sense.

What does name sense is that the public beta version of the new OS is reportedly set for launch during the event, or the very next day. The company will also allow everyone access to those early bits.

And instead of releasing new builds of Windows 9 every time they are ready, Microsoft also plans to keep the original testing version up to date with new features as and when they are completed — could be a rather nice change of pace.

File this as a rumor for now, albeit from a very reliable source. But don’t be surprised if Redmond changes the event date depending on to how development on Windows 9 is coming along.

You know, by a day or two. Or even a week.

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  • Angela

    Less than 6 weeks until we hear what we can really expect from Windows 9! I hope it’s a stray away from Windows 7 or 8, but I am worried that that won’t be the case.

  • king

    Good luck Microsoft

  • Nikato Muirhead

    Windows X is what they are working towards. Finally, naming parity with Mac OS X

  • Dash_Ripprock

    Garbage by any name is still garbage!

  • Gino Dash

    Some of you guys don’t seem to have much hope for the new Windows.

  • ZAK


  • Mike in PA

    Let’s Win9 gets it right. MS has incented more of my clients to switch to Apple than I could have imagined. No worries…I support both, but am amazed at how naive MS is..

  • Orlando Quintero

    windows 9 not exist, windows 10 is real