Windows 9 Beta Launches Early October

A matter of days, then. A shuffle of a few days here and there. There were voices claiming that the Windows 9 beta was on track for a late September arrival.

Now however that timeframe has been bumped to early October.

Microsoft’s press event is still set for September 30, where the company will discuss the new features coming to its flagship operating platform. But if you were holding out to getting the download links the same day, well, brace for some not so pleasing news.

There is talk that the technical preview — early beta, whatever you want to call it — of Windows 9 will launch sometime in October, not September 30 as was previously predicted.

Redmond apparently wants to wait a few days before unveiling the new OS publicly. Then again, the way thing are going, a move like this is to be expected.

Although no exact timeframe is given, the first week of October is said to be the chosen date.

What also this means is that the journalists and media personalities that attend the event will not be able to try out the new version on their own until at least another few days. Microsoft probably wants to use this extra time to apply some further polish to Windows 9 beta.

An agreeable proposition, don’t you think?

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  • Arnold

    Would make sense exactly 2 weeks after the announcement of it on the 30th. The 30th is a Tuesday, 2 weeks after that is patch Tuesday.

  • Joyce A

    Well this isn’t surprising to me at all. I was hoping to get it earlier, but anticipated it being set back at least twice. Here’s the first I’ll wait impatiently for the second.

  • JF

    Microsoft has to be the most indecisive company on the planet. Won’t be surprised if it actually does come out on 9/30.

  • Fredrick

    I really hope that they will be releasing this in October. I’m interested to see if they will have a ton of updates quickly following.

  • johnjay

    So we are still waiting. Isn’t that always the way.

    • MamaP

      Yup and I would expect to wait longer than the first week in October.

  • Rumin8

    If it’s a few extra days to get things right, so be it.

  • Zach Ernesti

    They will be waiting till it’s the anniversary of the windows 8 consumer preview to release the consumer preview of windows 9 which sucks cause I’ve been waiting for this os.