Windows 9 Build 9844 Now Out In The Wild

Another day, another Windows 9 build. This time around the number is 9844, showing that Microsoft has compiled another new version of the upcoming operating system.

Another new test version, that is to say.

Redmond has been rolling out new builds at a really fast pace, so much so that it is rather hard to keep track of improvements the company makes in each new flavor. Not to mention, these copies are only being distributed to close partners for them to test the OS out.

Still, information does reach the web one way or another, via leaked screenshots.

Word on the grapevine is that Windows 9 build 9844 has appeared in logs, confirming that the software titan has readied another new version of the operating system.

Nobody can say for sure that this is the version that Microsoft will release to users next week, though there has been talk that Redmond plans to stick with build 9834 for this initial launch — and then update it with new improvement as they come along.

More information is expected to be with us tomorrow.

The company will finally break the news on its modern new operating system at a special event in San Francisco. Expect all the juicy details here as soon as they arrive.

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  • Valerie

    It really doesn’t matter until the event in a few days, they just keep changing it.

    • Fahad Ali

      Yeah. Interestingly, all these build number changes are rather minor, at least the recent ones are. Probably bug fixes, nothing major.

      • trumpet

        Yup nothing that we will really be able to even notice.

  • Trung Trần

    It’s look quite boring