Windows 9 Charms Bar Removed From The Desktop

We have another source that confirms what we’ve already heard about the next version of Windows. Windows 9 charms bar is completely removed from the desktop.

Instead these handy options are now integrated into each modern app.

However, Charms are still present when Windows 9 is installed on touch capable systems. Which is to say that they can only be accessed with touch, unlike right now on Windows 8.1 when pressing Ctrl + C brings up the Charms bar.

The old, mouse based triggers for Charms have also been removed from Windows 9.

This information comes our way via Paul Thurrott who reveals that the windowed modern apps in the new operating system come with a dedicated new Options button that provides access to a varying list of commands including Search, Share, Play, Print, Project and Settings.

A Full Screen command is also available, which can be used to toggle the app view between a floating window and, well, full screen.

The big story is that the old swiping trick to bring up the Charms bar in Windows 8.1 will no longer work on traditional PCs, come Windows 9. Microsoft, obviously, wants users to make the most of the desktop environment, while retaining the touch based options for those with touch capable devices.

Sounds good to me.

We’ve had a few reports about Charms on Windows 9, already, and this seems like the more solid one.

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  • Sally Black

    I don’t like the look of that screenshot at all! I hope that’s not what 9 is going to look like. As long as it’s an option, I won’t mind.

  • Dominic

    I believe its not going to be on the desktop mode but they are keeping it in the touch-friendly Modern UI. That is perfect because it works well there.

    • Gianna Rampart

      Yea I read that somewhere also. They are doing away with it on the desktop.

  • “when pressing Ctrl + C brings up the Charms bar.” – I think it should be “Win + C”.

  • hopeyall

    I’m glad they are doing away with them. Wasn’t a fan at all.