More Windows 9 Concept Screens

So as I’ve said before, I’m partnering up with super concept creator Yanko Andreev and we’re going to be putting some concepts for Windows 9 out there to experiment with what the future of Windows could be.

I decided to put some of his concepts out there for you guys to check out.

They are pretty interesting concepts that show Windows 9 as it could be. They show Windows 9 login screens, Windows 9 and Microsoft Office, Windows 9 and Internet Explorer and a whole lot more.

Look for more detailed explanations and descriptions of the concepts over the coming weeks but for now, stay tuned.

Check out the images below..

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  • Steve Fulton

    I love this idea, Onuora. I have to say honestly that if this is what 9 will look like, I will be a happy camper. Here’s to hoping you’re on the money!

  • Ted Smith

    Almost perfect. The green pictures look outstanding to me. I hope they follow these guidelines. Great, great work.