Windows 9 Cortana Integration Detailed, Screenshots Leaked

Set to be perhaps the biggest feature of the new operating system, Windows 9 Cortana integration is something that we have heard little of until now.

According to some newly leaked information, Windows 9 Technical Preview build 9834 already comes with the digital voice assistant built-in (as a separate, standalone application), though it cannot currently be used in its current state.

However, as these screenshots show, there are numerous reference to Cortana in the OS:

The first hint of Windows 9 Cortana emerged last week, via the “Remind Me” app.

So although the app can be started, it does not actually work. You can use the app to set reminders for specific tasks, and it asks you for details like time, location, and the person — basically an unfinished example of the features you get on Windows Phone.

There are hints, though, that Windows 9 Cortana will use data from Bing Search and local search, along with keeping tabs on places, interests and previously used data. The digital voice assistant can also access information form the web to answer questions like weather, navigation and sports scores.

You will also have the ability to define rest periods for Cortana on Windows 9, and she will not disturb you during that predefined timeframe. An example would be when you are sleeping at night.

And finally, the prominent circle animation of Cortana is also available in Windows 9, the one made famous in the US version for Windows Phone.

Microsoft wants to offer the full mobile experience on the desktop, it appears.

Good times.

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  • Jake

    Fully getting Cortana involved. I love it. Certainly a nice effort here. I am super optimistic about Cortana moving forward.

  • wordtech

    Love it! Very excited for the release of Cortana. Thanks for the screenshots.

  • jjstccean

    Feeble, do we really need another reminder/appointment maker type app, we have so many already.

  • Dominic

    I think this is more than just a simple reminder app it almost seems like it’s your personal secretary. Honestly I cant wait.

  • slamoutte

    I love the commercial they make her almost seem human. Even the picture is almost life like.

    • Walter

      It’s great how she looks better than Siri.

  • Val Tina

    I’m sure this is just the beginning of a “self-learning” personal assistant, which is a big leap forward.