Windows 9 Free For Windows 8 Users, Microsoft Confirms

Microsoft Indonesia, actually, but all the same. The search term Windows 9 free will take a whole new meaning soon, it seems, as more and more reports claim that a change is in the air.

Redmond is sure to provide full detail at the September 30 event.

But while Windows 9 Preview is almost here, so is more information on how the company is working to boost the early uptake of the new operating system right from the word go — no one wants another Windows 8 situation on their hands, and for good reason.

Andreas Diantoro, the president of the Indonesian division of Microsoft has very much confirmed what the software titan is planning for the upcoming OS.

At a recent event that took place in Hotel Mulia in Jakarta, the executive confirmed that a preview version of the operating system is coming next week. More than that, the company wants to make Windows 9 free for users of its modern platform.

Which includes both Windows 8 and Windows 8.1.

And although previous rumors have hinted that Windows 9 will be free for a wider array of users, we’ll take this one at a time, let the excitement build for what promises to be an important change.

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  • Charles Vance Gurley

    all i can say if it is indeed the case BRING IT ON! was already on for 9 and all this added stuff, easier install, FREE… well then. I already liked 8.1, so i’m pretty excited about 9

  • Kio Biondo

    Super excited about 9 and now I’m even more excited about it.

  • Kris Tuner

    This is a smart move on their part. I’m sure they will still be making more than enough money.